Elisa Langenstam’s Art

Artist’s Statement:

Elisa’s passion for art began at an early age studying through school, and continuing through her travels with her camera and sketchbook always at her side. Painting was sporadic over the years while raising a family, and when the family moved back to Canada in 2007 (after living in Sweden for 16 years) did she truly pursue her creative side in it’s entirety. In her career as a Interior Designer she began producing paintings for clients, and now spends half her time in the studio while still working on her design projects.

“I believe Art exists to take our minds and hearts to a place where we remember what’s true”… my creative goal is to produce work that will bring joy, and ideally to tell a story to the audience reminding us of a beautiful world. 


Beautiful paintings you can find now at the Studio 101. Contact us now to make an appointment!