Susie’s preferred painting medium is acrylic and her subject matter is primarily scenery and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest Region. She is represented by The Adele Campbell Gallery in Whistler, B.C., The Avenue Gallery in Victoria, B.C., Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur in La Malbaie, Quebec and Canada House Gallery in Banff, Alberta. Click here to learn more.

Much of Sue’s art is inspired by her nomadic life traveling the world. She is inspired by all wonders of the natural world, but find herself circling back to painting wildlife. Exploring colour is part of her nature and a major component of her creative process. “They should bring smiles to you, the viewer’s face” - Sue Bayley. Click here to learn more.



Tom began drawing and paintings in the early 70's, he drew from sketches or photos. Tom has painted many landscapes, but currently prefers painting cityscapes. He uses acrylic paint on plywood for most of his work. Click here to learn more. 



Melanie is an outdoor enthusiast who’s passion for nature is boldly expressed with colour and an emotional connection. Melanie’s business degree in marketing combined with the study of painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design, has led to a thriving career as a professional artist. Click here to learn more.

Marianne was born in Sweden whom now lives on the West Coast of Canada. She is deeply influenced by her Swedish heritage and alters her time between natural and urban environments for her pieces. She creates evocative, dreamlike works in oil that are figurative, nature influenced and abruptly architectural. Click here to learn more.



Heather’s art is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the mysteries of life. Her images are a collection of photographs fused together through time and drawn from diverse influences. She’s inspired by the surrealists views of the world. Click here to learn more.



Suzanne is interested in the shifting place where one thing becomes another, studying dreams and meditation and themes of transformation, decay, metamorphosis and migration.  This interest in the space between also manifests in her continuing history of collaborative work with poets, scientists and artists in other genres. Click here to learn more.

He’s been trained in filmmaking, photography, and fine arts which makes him see the world in a different light. Photography is his starting point and he professionally captures a composition and lighting. He will then combine various images which he considers raw material and completely alters the colour palette, combines imagines and sometimes he will paint them. Click here to learn more.





Maxine lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children. She’s an active member of the federation of Canadian Artists and shows her artwork in various galleries, shops and restaurants throughout Vancouver and surrounding area. With her paintings she seeks to capture the simple and beautiful moments she witnesses everyday. Click here to learn more.

Peter is a woodcarver who came from Germany 22 years ago. His first artistic carvings, Greek and Venetian masks, were inspired by his travels in Europe just prior to settling in Canada. With time Peter developed his personal style: bowls in the shape of a heart, a bear paw, a canoe, and a salmon. Click here to learn more.


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